BOX3 is designed to be adapted to the more different reality. there are three standard BOX3 configurations: Easy, Advanced and Enterprise. Each of these versions can be integrated and adapted to the needs of our customers: we know that every situation is unique and there is no a definitive tech product for any environment.


BOX3 answers to a specific need and for a specific target: the integration and the coordinated management of information for complex structures.

Use of the best technologies available in the field of GIS in order to integrate and enrich the offering, remaining competitive in the economic proposition.

BOX3 is a solution adaptable to the existing structure highest Ad Hoc customization → low impact on business workflow


Nowadays organizations are facing more and more with complex problems from the point of view of management and organization, and these problems are aggravated when are insisting on organizations that are spread in terms of space (for ex.: a large network on the territory) and time (for ex.: the need to monitor evolution and archive data trough years).

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