The module for real-time tracking allows users to use different “indoor” location technologies and mark the positions of objects or persons within an enclosed space. This feature becomes an effective vector for high value-added innovative scenarios in logistics contexts, personal mobility, maintenance, asset and personnel management.

As part of the management of geographically spread assets / facilities, Box Web, is a tool that is able to meet various needs that have been collected in real-time situations. Users asked for a simple and easy tool, which would allow access to information about assets and facilities. Furthermore, in operational terms, the Box Web offers its consultation tools that allow users to monitor the status of its structure and use that information to plan interventions.

Box Site is proposed in the Box3 Suite as an instrument able to respond to different needs that have been collected in the field, through the use of a web portal and a document component, as part of the work process management and the collection of the necessary practices, for example for the supply and installation of the products.

In the context of human resource management, planning of orders, and cost control, having an instrument able to centralise and process this information in an organic way is essential for every company. Box People is the tool able to meet these needs in a simple and intuitive way.

In different sectors, such as Multi Utilities, industrial plants, service companies, construction companies, etc., it is increasingly required to ensure high safety standards for operators who perform particular activities, for instance those who have to carry out their activities in isolated or even potentially dangerous environments, or in both.

The Box AEEG, consisting mainly of a web application, keeps track of maintenance technicians’ work in a timely manner, as a result of intervention requests from clients and, consequently, calculates quality indexes both issuing from emergency interventions and from the daily work of networks and maintenance systems.

The authority responsible for quality checking the multi-utilities periodically required to hand over documents that summarise and bring back information about the work done. In addition to the tables constructed for the authority check purposes, it is also possible to build summary tables for self-control, bringing data on the networks’ routine maintenance.

As part of the management of geographically distributed works (i.e., multi-utilities that need to monitor and maintain their networks of more or less large areas, or cooperatives that manage different services for customers scattered in the territory, as well as construction companies that have several sites open at once), the BoxApp Site is a tool able to respond to the different needs taken from real-life situations.

Do you want to know who installed your product? Where and when it was installed? Or would you like to have references about the customer to whom the product was installed? Would you like to see on the map products installed on your distribution network or service? Then you need BoxApp ClickMaint.

BoxApp ClickMaint is a mobile application for the registration of customers, the association of products to customers, and the historical management of maintenance or interventions made.