Box3 is a system of management, coordination and maintenance of complex structures. Thanks to its outstanding flexibility and adaptability, Box3 allows you to manage any type of asset, from a boiler to an entire power stations network and is fully able to be integrated and interfaced with the geographic tracking (also indoor) of the managed assets.

Box3 is simply structured: a technological core accompanied by Add on modules in order to meet the needs of the customer and of the structure in which the Box3 will function. Box3, as solution, it is even much more and it completed by BoxSuite.

The story of Trilogis is an history of research and development at the highest level, and it is unthinkable to believe that Box3 is not “full” of this story.

The consulting skills, which Trilogis is able to offer is an indisputable plus in support of a technological solution that was born in the field of GIS and it’s growing in order to meet the most complex requirements.